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Hi, I'm Michael Li. Welcome to my world.

Dominion (A Node.js Project)

A few years ago, my friends and I got really into the card game Dominion. It’s a deck building game, but what made this game more enjoyable was the variation. In each round, you randomly select 10 cards that will be available for purchase, and the goal is to try to figure out different strategies for how those cards can interact with each other. The game is available on Amazon and is playable online via the official Dominion Online site.

As a programming exercise, we attempted to create a similar game using Node.js. This post is to help me document the process we took to set up this project.

Setting Up a GoDaddy Domain Name with GitHub

I wanted to try using GitHub’s Pages feature to host my website. Turns out it was very simple to do, and the best part is it’s free!

Here’s a tutorial for setting up a GoDaddy domain name with this feature.

Boston Fishackathon 2015

I recently participated in the Boston Fishackathon! Check out the project that my team created here.

Building a Computer

Successfully built my first computer! For the list of parts, go to this link - PC Part Picker. That website was extremely helpful. It checks your parts for compatibility issues, and you can see computer builds that other people have posted.

Paint (iOS)

In an effort to learn more iOS programming, I followed a tutorial to create a “Paint” program for iOS (tutorial).

For the source code, click here

Classic Battleships (iOS)

One of my class projects was to recreate the game “Classic Battleships” (see here or here for an explanation of the rules) for iOS.

For the source code, click here. Click through for more documentation.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an awesome text editor that is fast, has a simple interface, and can be customized to your heart’s content. The following links walk through installing some of the more popular plugins.


  • Package Control - A Sublime Text Package Manager. Easily installs and updates Sublime Text plugins.
  • Soda Theme - The Dark Theme is so tasty.


HTML Device Orientation Project

For a class assignment, we were asked to create a project that demonstrated the usage of device orientation events. In this project, the device orientation was used to manipulate a “rolling ball” on the screen.

To try the demo, click here. Note that the project was programmed such that it only works on a mobile device (e.g. phones, tablets).

For the source code, click here. Click through for more documentation.

Arabian Nights

More pictures…

Setting Up Octopress with Amazon Web Services

When I initially had the idea to start a blog, I was looking up how to set up WordPress with Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the web host I decided to use. Somehow, I ended up stumbling into Jekyll, which later led me to Octopress. The post describes the steps needed to set up Octopress with AWS.

There are lots of posts out in the internets that describe other people’s experiences with Octopress. Here are a few…

So how do we get octopress set up with AWS?